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Tap & Park

The new Tap & Park app has been active since November 2020 which, used in association with the parking and transit permit with RFID Tag, will allow an easier and faster way of parking on the road and access to the ZTL.

Tap & Park is an application offered by Infomobility, free and easy to use, which allows you to park on the blue lines without commission costs, to renew the annual transit and parking permit,to buy monthly passes/ticket/permits and access tickets to the ZTL online, without having to go to the Infomobility desks/front offices.

Download and print the Tap&Park logo to show inside of your car's windshield to indicate that you use the application to pay for parking.

Log in to Tap&Park

To access the Tap & Park App you need to enter your credentials. If you do not remember them you can click on "Register" and follow the instructions to recover your account. To renew the parking and transit permit, click on "Authorizations" and follow the instructions, it is not possible to use the credit from the purse, but it is necessary to pay by credit card. It is possible to request the invoice and the renewal is immediately active.

For those who pay for parking (blue lines) with Tap & Park, the first half hour is free in some sections of these following streets of the city: Strada Bixio, Via Emilia Est, Strada Imbriani and Via Trento

the first half hour of the blue lines parking will be freein these streets:

  • Bixio street (from Costituente street to Barbieri square)
  • Emilia Est street (from Mantova street to Arco di San Lazzaro)
  • Imbriani street (from Picelli square to Parente street)
  • Trento street

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