European Projects

The Infomobility European Projects office researches and manages direct funding from the European Union relating to development, innovation and implementation programs for sustainable mobility, through partnership participation in consortia with other European cities and administrations. Participation in European projects allows the company to improve its skills and scientific and cultural knowledge, to learn new work tools and strategies. Working in sinergy with other countries and municipalities offers to the city of Parma, its citizens and its companies, new opportunities for growth and sustainable development according to the objectives of the European Union.


Rotterdam, Umeå and Glasgow – Generating Exemplar Districts In Sustainable Energy Deployment

PROGRAM: Horizon 2020, SCC-1-2016 Smart Cities and Communities lighthouse project DURATION: 2016-2022 (5 anni più 1) PARTNER: 34 partners, 8 member states of the European Union: Netherlands, Great Britain, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany. ABSTRACT: The project aims to make euoropean cities smart and resilient, to accelerate the transition to the low carbon economy, to improve the quality of life of citizens and the environment and to increase competitiveness, employment and economic growth. As part of this project, the city of Parma has developed a roadmap, a plan of initiatives and investments together with the creation of a local Smart City Governance. The coordination group plays a role in connecting and promoting events within the Municipality and with the support of local stakeholders they develop and exchange project skills and ideas with other European cities. The Parma Futuro Smart website was created, it’s a virtual hub where ideas, projects and technological innovation converge and where the most important local companies interact with each other.

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EnvironmentAl integrated, multilevel knoWledge and approaches to counteract critical AIR pollution events, improving vulnerable citizens quality of life in Central Europe Functional Urban Areas

PROGRAM: Interreg Central Europe DURATION: 2017 - 2020 PARTNERMunicipality of Parma, ARPAE Emilia Romagna, National Interuniversity Consortium for Environmental Sciences (CINSA) - University of Parma and European partners from Germany (Helmoltz Research Institute of Munich), Poland (Municipality of Katowice and GIG Research Institute - Central Mining Institute), Hungary (Zuglo, Municipality of Budapest). ABSTRACT: The AWAIR project has addressed the problem of air quality as a common challenge for those areas of Central Europe characterized by strong anthropogenic pressures and conditions of air stagnation. Priority attention is focused on acute episodes and in particular on the implementation of actions aimed at reducing the levels of atmospheric pollutants, safeguarding the health of citizens. The project collect knowledge and experience of the partners in order to define an appropriate set of mitigation and adaptation actions, promoting an integrated management system for acute pollution episodes.

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Integrated Approach to Management of Groundwater Quality in Functional Urban Areas

PROGRAM: Interreg Central Europe DURATION: 2016-2019 PARTNER: 6 countries, 12 project partners, 8 regions, 7 pilot actions. Municipality of Parma, Jaworzno (Poland); University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering (Croatia); Water supply company from Zadar (Croatia); city ​​of Novy Bydzov (Czech Republic); Liberec Technical University (Czech Republic); Center of Geology in Survey (Slovenia); State capital of Stuttgart (Germany); Lombardy Region (Italy); Polytechnic University of Milan (Italy). ABSTRACT: the project tackled the problem of groundwater contamination in urban centers and suburbs, in a specific area called FUA - Functional Urban Area, which includes the urban and extra-urban areas, with an environmental, hydrogeological connection, economic and demographic. Groundwater has no borders and the solutions for environmental management and the mitigation of pollution sources require the comparison and sharing of ideas, actions and projects.

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Sustainable MObility for Older and Impared people

PROGRAM: quadro per la competitività e l'innovazione (CIP). DURATION: 2014-2016 PARTNER: Municipality of Parma, Consorcio de Transportes and Municipality of Madrid, EMEL - Empresa Pública Municipal de Mobilidade and Estacionato de Lisboa. ETRA Investigación y Desarrollo S.A. is involved in research, data collection and technological development. and Instituto de Biomecánica of Valencia and LocosLab of Bonn (Germany). ABSTRACT : The aim of the project was setting guidelines to improve the mobility of people with disabilities, in urban areas, through technological applications that aim to facilitate access to the limited traffic zones (ZTL) and to parking reserved for disabled people and also to limit the improper use and counterfeiting of dedicated parking permits.


Fleet Recognition Scheme

Project aimed at the recognition and evaluation of fleets to promote efficient and eco-sustainable freight and passenger transport. Funded by IEE - Intelligent Energy Europe. PROGRAM: IEE – Intelligent Energy Europe. DURATION: 2011-2014 PARTNER: the scheme has been activated in 8 European cities, in addition to Parma: Edinburgh (United Kingdom), the Municipality of Rotterdam (Holland), the city of Ostrava (Czech Republic), the Cantabria region (Spain), the Basque region (Spain), the South East Region (Sweden). ABSTRACT: Ecostars provides valid support to operators of all types of vehicles, commercial and passenger, to all sectors of activity (freight transport, industrial transport, public and private sectors, retail trade, third parties, freelance, public transport, etc ..) and fleets of all sizes. The projects aims to help operators who work in Emilia Romagna Region to reduce costs by improving their operational efficiency, as well as to increase their awareness of the important role they can play, in the improvement of air quality.


CIVITAS network for sustainable mobility. It is a network of cities that share experiences and develop innovative sustainable mobility policies and measures, through workshops, seminars, training courses and professional exchanges, publications and newsletters. PROGRAM: CIVITAS Capital DURATION: 2014 - 2017 PARTNER: ABSTRACTThe CIVINET Network aims to promote the CIVITAS philosophy for sustainable mobility and its principles towards other cities, media, citizens and all other interested parties on Italy; it aims to support dialogue with Local Authorities, Ministries and the European Community on sustainable mobility item with particular attention to the specific issues of the geographical region included in the network; it allows cities participating in the network to exchange their experiences without language barriers and work in partnership with innovative cities; it allows dialogue with national institutions and with the European Union on politics, laws and mobility funds.

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Cycling Awareness Raising and MArketing

The project promotes and encourages the use of bicycles among citizens in urban area. PROGRAM: IEE – Intelligent Energy Europe DURATION: 2010 - 2013 PARTNER: City of Parma (Italy), ClickUtility (Italy), Institute for Studies of the Integration of Systems ISINNOVA (Italy), City of Riga (Latvia), City of Eindhoven (Netherlands), City of Göteborg, Traffic and Public Transport Authority (Sweden), The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (United Kingdom) ABSTRACT: The image of the bicycle is different from country to country in Europe. In some countries cycling is popular and positive and is widely considered the best mode of transport. In others countries cycling is used only commuting or for sport. While in other countries cycling is practiced only by commuters and sportsmen. The project objectives are: to make a change in the behavior of citizens by encouraging them to use the bicycle more and to acquire a better understanding of how to change beliefs and behaviors.